XS Simple Title with Description

This shortcode allows you to show a title with description, we have three available styles for this. Let see some settings of this shortcode in the backend and styles on front-end.


1 – Type : Click on drop-down button to select one of three available styles.

2 – Title: Leave a title here.

3 – Short Description: Leave a short description of title here.

4-  Title Tag: Select a title tag for your title

5 – Link: Click on “Select Url” to put your url link here. When clicking on the title, it will link to the address on front-end that you have put before.

6 – Title Color: Configure color for title.

7 – Short Description Color: Configure color for short description.

8 – Text Align: Align text to center, left or right.

9 – CSS Animation: Select one of CSS animation for style.

10 – Animation Delay: Set delay time for CSS Animation.

11 – Save Change: Don’t forget to save the settings above.

Style 3

Style 1

Free Man
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