LK Banner Text 2

Banner Text 2
Banner Text 2

“LK Banner Text 2” is useful for advertisement banners with text. It allows you custom image, image size, custom link, text, flash text… Shortcode params:

Style style. Banner text style: Text Top, Text Bottom, Text Left, Text Right, Text Middle. Default: Text Right (text-right).

Image img_id. Image id.

Image Size img_size. Set the image size. Defautl: 780×328 (pixel).

Title title. Title show on the banner.

Title Color title_color. Color of the title. Default: #555555.

Sub Title sub_title. Sub title show on the banner.

Sub Title Color sub_title_color. Color of the subtitle. Default: #888888.

Flash Text flash_text. Flash text show on the banner. Default: HOT.

Flash Text Color flash_text_color. Color of the flash text. Default: #ffffff.

Flash Text Background Color flash_text_background_color. Background color of the flash text. Default: #ff9081.

Flash Text Position flash_text_pos. Position of the flash text. Default: Top.

Link link. Set banner link.

Enable Text Hover Effect enable_text_hover_effect. Turn banner hover effect on or off.